Just had to drop you a note to tell you how pleased I am with the work you completed on my .300 Weatherby Mark V. I finally got to the range due to the nasty weather here and got to shoot some serious groups with it. After firing 3 shots to get it to point of impact at 4-Big100yds, the next three shots went into .610 inch with Weatherby factory ammo. I’m not Annie Oakley , so I figured it was a fluke. I let the barrel cool , and shot another three shot group of 675 inches with the same factory ammo. Whatever you did to the stock, it’s no longer a “two shot ” rifle. Your glass bedding did the trick. The third shot now goes into the same place as the first two , even with a hot barrel. The muzzle brake is just what I wanted. It’s a little quieter now and doesn’t kick as much as my .270.I fired 60 rounds in one session at the range and never felt a thing. Before the brake, I had to limit my shooting of that gun to 10-15 rounds or I caught myself getting a little “grabby” on the trigger. Unless you look for it, it blends into the barrel contour so well you don’t notice it’s there. I seem to shoot it a lot more now so the ammo cost around the house is skyrocketing.

Thanks again for the fine work.


First off I have to tell you that you have got to be one of the most patient men I have had the pleasure of doing business with. All of my phone calls about everything that went into this rifle from day one…the planning of a 6.5×284 Norma (on art’s recommendation of, that is the caliber you want!) Well neither one of you were wrong. The fit and finish are flawless. And the recoil reduction is unbelievable this one recoils less than my Tikka T-3 22-250.

Which means you’ll be getting it back to rebarrel when the time comes. That muzzle brake is truly unbelievable!! I hope you put them on your rifles.

A 108 hole muzzle break is worth every penny. And I’ve been doing work up loads with it and right out of the box. with the 140 VLD Bergers at 200 yds a group in the .4’s I’ll get it dialed in yet. But have no fear you made me a rifle that will shoot better than I will ever be able to. And when you get a chance I’ll be sending you my A3 03 to bed and muzzle brake. I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding rifle. If Art and I get out to Wyoming I’ll send you pictures. Anybody who want’s a recommendation on a gunsmith, you give them my number.

Thanks Again,

Royce Noirfalise

P.S. I gotta have one of those Rifler ball caps.